Our qualified team will perform a comprehensive full body skin check using the latest technology in a comfortable and private setting.

What to expect:

  • All skin checks are carried out in a specially designated area based within Epichealth Medical Clinic which is both comfortable and private.
  • A nurse will discuss your patient and family history and undertake general medical observations which includes height, weight, allergies, social history etc.
  • You will be provided with a robe and asked to change down to your underwear.
  • If not done prior to your appointment, you will be asked to remove any make up and nail varnish.
  • A nurse will carry out an initial full body skin check and circle any lesions of suspicion.
  • A nurse will discuss general skin health and skin cancer preventatives with you.
  • You will then be asked to wait for the doctor to carry out the full body skin check using a dermascope with medical photo tracking software.
  • The doctor will also review your past patient history and observations made during the nurses consultation.
  • The doctor will inform you about any medical photographs that will be taken and kept on record for review and comparison.
  • Any lesions needing further examination will be checked with a dermascope which allows the doctor to see the patterns within the spot.
  • Any lesions that appear to be suspicious will be noted and the doctor will discuss further investigation options with you.