Solar Keratoses

Sunspots (Solar Keratoses) are also a result of sun exposure although they are not a form of skin cancer. The likelihood of them developing into a skin cancer is low but they are a warning sign as skin cancers are more common in people with sunspots.

If the location and/or the size of the solar keratosis is bothersome or of concern the main treatments are cryotherapy (freezing with liquid nitrogen) or excision. Sometimes creams and ointments can be affective treatments.

Sometimes the only way to determine if a sunspot is not a skin cancer is by removing it or taking a sample of it (biopsy) and sending it to pathology to be analysed.

Moles are harmless but there is a higher risk of sun damage the more moles and freckles there are.

If there is any change to sunspots and moles they should be seen by a doctor.

For further information, please refer to Cancer Council Victoria – About Solar Keratoses